Photocopy – the Pinoy way

13 09 2010
I stumbled upon this cute photo online. I forgot where I got it. I smiled when I saw this hahahaha! Pinoy talaga oh!
Photocopy the Pinoy Way


17 02 2010

By Sai Verano

Twitter follower email notification

One disadvantage of being online is that people you don’t like can follow your updates in just one click.


28 01 2010

By Sai Verano

I heard this over the news and it’s only a few moments ago when I watched the video. I got a lot of goosebumps. The Cebu dancing inmates are really amazing! Synchronized and just totally amazing! Bravo to you guys

Immitating Jollibee

15 01 2010

By Sai Verano

rojan as jollibee by Sai Verano

During Ms. Kan’s birthday, before the cake was sliced, Rojan immitates the Jolly Cake. Gayang-gaya! =))