What’s with the dress?

15 01 2010

By Sai Verano

flowery dress by sai verano

Okay, I decided to wear an old dress and my daddy ended up taking pictures of me? What’s happening?!? And oh, why did I kept on smiling? Hahahaha weird start for me now :))



14 01 2010

By Sai Verano

multiply screen shot by sai verano

I always visit my Multiply site everyday. Today, I found something great! They now have the “shop” button at the upper part of the screen. I’m glad their supporting Pinoy online stores now (cause I’m one of them) hahaha! More power to Multiply!

Plurk Badges

13 01 2010

By Sai Verano

plurk badges by sai verano

I recently learned about this Plurk badges. I wish I can invite even just one friend. Most of my buddies don’t know Plurk. Hahaha if you want to help me earn a friendship badge post your emails here or send me a private one. Hahaha =)) Ciao!

Tumblng something new

13 01 2010

By Sai Verano

new tumblr dashboard by sai verano

I just noticed the new dashboard on my Tumblr account 🙂 This once’s more easy to understand than the stats they have before. Lavet!

No clue

12 01 2010

By Sai Verano

facebook screen shot by sai veranokankan birthday by sai veranofacebook screen shot by sai verano

Ms. Kan had no clue what we were up to (I guess). See the transition of today’s special event (Ms. Kan’s birthday) at Yehey. It started when Ms. Kan noticed that everbody was gone. She has no clue that we went to get her some gift. We decided to buy her three cute and yummy cakes from Cheesecake. We sung her a birthday song with blending haha. We love you Ms. Kan :*